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October 20, 2010


Theo Bot

Dear Richard,

If you use one projectfile. it's hard to change the librarie components.

How would you suggest to do that. The way by moving in the vault is not a great option.
In most cases I create a ipj file in the library folder without a relative workspace.

Kind regards,

Theo Bot


Hi Theo, The design concept behind Library files is that they should never change. If there is a likelihood that they will be changed, they should never be placed in the Library folder. One way to do this is to store them in a Non-Library Folder underneath the workspace and call it "Standard Components" or "Purchased Components" for example.

If, for unforeseen circumstances your Library files do need to be changed. A copy of them can be made with new file name.

I hope that answers your question.


Cory McConnell

So, Richard, your telling us that Library files will not need to be migrated with every new release of Inventor?

Just so everybody is aware, having a single project file in a Vault is not going to solve the problem of Inventor needing to save files that are seemingly unmodified. It may help, but it will not solve the issue.

I have a single project file in my Vault, and I am frequently faced with this HUGE issue.

Cory McConnell


Hi Cory,
Thanks for the response. To answer your question, you are right. Since a hotfix in the Vault 5 timeline, library migration is not forced by Vault (provided that they were last saved in Inventor 5.3 format (or later)).

I agree, having a Single vaulted project is not the whole story. There are other reasons. I am trying to go through a process of analysing, documenting and publishing the root causes on this blog, as they get reported to me. All the posts I think are relevant can be found under the blogs "Files Resolution\Updating" Category. If you (or anyone) has any experience to share, or articles that you want me to add, I am happy to publish them here.

John Kavusak


Hi Richard

This message should go to product designers/developers of the Vault product line.

When will the vault product evolve so user permissions in the vault will allow a select group of users the ability to change library files. If the product worked this way, there would be no need for this library.ipj file. If you say that files in the library should never change then you have been removed from industry way to long. Library components change all the time and if these are purchased parts, then these changes are out of the company's control.

Also, lets let the vault Workgroup and above do their job on these files and manage revisions of these library files. That is the correct way to control change. If a manufacture of a component makes a change we want to see that Revision history, we don't want to have to manually keep track of 10 copies of a library component.

Also if there is an item assigned to the library part, how is this problem resolved? If I can use the library project and I cant move the file out of the library then I'm stuck.

I think Autodesk needs to take a good look at the real world. Autodesk has been living for too long in their perfect world sandbox. These are issues that everyone of our customers complain about.


Richard Rankin

Hi John,
If you have a message for the Product Designers, then logging wishes on the product feedback site is where you need to go...


Alfredo Tobar

What could be the reason that there is a newer version in the C (local drive)?

Somme times, vault give us this message: File: C.... is newer that the last version in the vault. Are you sure you want to replace it with te version in the vault?

Thank you .

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