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November 01, 2010


Steve Walton

Vault may not have a migration impact, but IV does. The rule of thumb that I have seen in the IV forum is to migrate IV files no more than two versions at once. So if I skip the migration from IV 2010 to 2011 and I skip the migration from 2011 to 2012, what happens when I need to make a revision to a 2010 file using IV 2013? Or any of my 2009 files that haven't made it to IV 2010?

Please add a migration task that understands Vault Lifecycle states and creates the minimum number of extra file versions.

Asle Svastuen

I have found out that it is better to create a user that have edit rights on released files. When using this user it is possible to migrate files while they are released.


Ashle, Steve,

thx for your comments!
At first of all to Ashle: yes we are very aware of this is way to migrate the files. However we had some reports with problems performing this method to do it. That´s why we suggested this alternative way.

To Steve:
In general it is your decision if you want to migrate files.
With the current configuration it is already possible to migrate the files using Life-cycle states. The key thing is usually the permission on a specific Life-cycle state to have the right to modify files.
However we have already forwarded a request to improve the collaboration between Task Scheduler and Life-cycle.
About migrating files with more than 2 versions: then you would have to migrate in 2 steps.
Also: no one knows how it will looks like in any futuere release of Vault.


Is there a suggested way to do the state change in a mass-operation way?
Otherwise - if you have to do this manually - and have for example 100.000 released files - you would get old during state change.


Hi Andrea,

I think it is a good point here. I will soon update this blog post to make it clear how it exactly works for a large amount of released files.



What if files are connected to the released Items? Shall I change the Item Security during the Migrating from read to Modify (or clear the check box)

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