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May 17, 2011


Scott Moyse

So does this mean its not necessary to do this setup in 2012 and that any user logged into the job processor can update view?

Scott Moyse

Now all you need to do is Allow windows authentication on the job processor. Then i can have my users use the same license for their client, Add-in and the Job processor, instead of it unnecessarily using up another license.

I paid for the full version of Vault, Professional but still feel like i'm being shafted on the licensing by Autodesk just to take full advantage of the features in Vault Pro. Why isn't the job processor just integrated into Vault in the first place?

Scott Moyse

I just thought I should post this so its a bit more balanced and to thank you for sorting out this behavior between 2011 & 2012.

I'm happy you guys have allowed the update view using job processor to work without that user needing to have the security rights to make the modifications to a file in the released state. At least with a non windows authenticated user logged into the addin/client and now the Job processor allowing this behaviour it only takes up one license.

Using windows authentication here would be a lot tidier though.

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