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July 26, 2011


Matthew D

Thanks so much for this info. Your site has helped me in my search for information. The article on the "in use" processes really helped me.

Scott Moyse

May i suggest this feature is improved!??
If i want to open a file from vault that is part of the project i am currently working on, while i have inventor open. Which is a fairly logical and likely scenario. Then i shouldn't have to carry out any of the steps suggested above to achieve a simple file open.

It should behave in exactly the same way as opening an Inventor file from windows explorer.

All this means is I'm never going to open any Inventor files from Vault Explorer because its a pain in the proverbial. As a result I'm not as efficient as i might be otherwise. Since lets face it the vault add-in open user interface is no where near as good as the vault explorer one.

Cheers for clarifying the possible conflicts causing this error.

Richard Rankin

You sure can Scott! we have a website setup where, so long as you select the correct product, the suggestion goes directly to the product managers and designers. Here is the link

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