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August 02, 2011


Scott Moyse

Good work Richard,

I recently came across this workflow on my Autodesk travels. Much to my relief, who would have known the only thing you can write back to a Library file are the search paths...

Although I'm glad it works it is just another thing you have to do to library files, our list at least, is quite extensive. But I'm very happy this works.

However, half of the assemblies in our library are iAssemblies. This workflow DOES NOT work for those unfortunately. The members are the ones that need updating and are well and truly locked down by Inventor. Are you guys able to figure out a seperate workflow that will work for iAssemblies?

I just thoguht i would clarify this for those no in the know and go on to read these two blogs posts.



Scott Moyse

I have found a way to make iAssemblies work as well. I will get something out on a blog in the next few days so everyone can see how to do it.



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