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February 23, 2010



will this work if you allready changed the name?

I tried it on a test server and it says can not find previous name. (i put in my old server name)

Richard Rankin

Hi Imraan,

It will work if you have already changed the name. As it mentions above "The "previousname" of the computer can be found by opening the Event Viewer. The old computer name should be listed on each log entry prior to the machine name change."

Acai Optimum

very informational... educative as well,am still looking up to more of your blogs... good job!

Philip Elder

We tried this on a recent AI 2008 to 2009 upgrade that included a migration of the database (SQL 2005 Express) to SQL 2008 Standard for Small Business on an independent server.

The process and all of the struggles encountered are documented here:

In the end, the above command did _not_ work for us. Perhaps it is an SQL 2008 vs SQL 2005 thing.


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