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October 25, 2010


Gerrard Hickson

Hi Richard,

Great post. Are there any changes that can occur in the iPart factory that happen automatically? We regularly are required to save changes to children files (often the same child) despite the fact that no changes have been made (manually) to the factory files. Furthermore, our factories lie within a vaulted library folder.

We also get this same behaviour with content centre files.



Auto-Migrating to the current release, maybe. Possibly sharing the library. Maybe a user is using another IPJ that does not have the library defined in the IPJ as a Library. I am hopeless at guessing because there are possibly a million reasons.

I am guessing from your email address you are Oz based. I am in the UK. I would like to analyse the issue you are experiencing as I have a thing at the moment in trying to nail down and document behaviour like this. It would be better if I witnessed the behaviour. Can you log a support case and mark it for my attention? I am hoping I can connect remotely to analyse at a mutually convenient time.

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