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August 23, 2013


Mark Damen


I currently have an open case for this issue. The pool is started upon reboot, but still get the error:

Case Id is 08694631.

I guess because you've gone and put an article on the front page of the forum, that this is an issue occuring at more sites than just mine?

Look forward to a resolution.

Many Thanks



I have same situation as Mark, I just opened new case to Autodesk. Hope this gets solved soon.

Jesse Kuschel

In our tests, this occurred when logged in via Windows Authentication. All other ADMS operations worked. We found logging into the Console with Vault authentication allowed us to change Administration options.


I am having this issue, reinstalled ADMS and IIS but still no joy, all Pools are started. banging my head against a brick wall with this one, I have tried logging in as Vault Administrator and with Windows Authentication but still no joy. case no 08694788


Logging with Vault authentication worked for me too.


I am having the same issue after the install of SP1 to the server and clients. Also the ADMS will log me in as Admin, but when I select the Tools\Administration menu I get the ERROR!

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