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October 15, 2013



Autodesk Vault Thin Client 2014:

And How is this better than the old web client???? It got worse.

Here is what I feel is bad:

1. The help is worthless
2. Still no saved searches
3. Still no column width settings
4. Cannot manually resize columns anymore
5. When you have to scroll due to a long
description you loose the browser at the left side.
6. The preview is worthless. It is nothing more than a grainy thumbnail.

Here is why it is worse than the original Web Client
2. The download button pulls the actual file and not the dwf file so users of the webclient can get access the cad file and change it at will.
3. What advanced report printing???? I didn't see that in help either.
4 HOW does a web client user print or view a drawing? They have to download the file open it in a viewer, then print or measure or view etc. The best part about the thin client was the DWF and the ability to view print and measure from the web client without the need to install any viewers on the machine.

We have customers that use the web client from thin clients, ipads, and low end systems that would not run the viewers like inventor view or true view.

Here what is better
1. the interface looks more modern (but who cares if you cant implement the rest)

Autodesk You really missed the boat on this one. In the future you may want to listen to what customers are saying.



Totally agree with JK, the updated thin client is very poor; unusable for our company. It now takes twice as much effort to get to a basic search and the interface is mostly fluff. I would like to meet the company that benefits from this change; it is certainly not us. At least for the moment we can still access the old version. If that goes away we will have a real problem.

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