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October 15, 2013


Ronnie Wilkins, Jr.

Had to remove MVC as a prerequisite for the Thin Client to install on Windows 8 with Visual Studio 2012 Update 3.

Seems to run okay. Great Job!

Now, if only we could get an Office 2013 client.


Hi Ronnie, thanks for the feedback! Office 2013 is being looked at for the future. I can't give anything more at this time.



Hi Richard,

We've successfully installed the client. Thanks for this information and the link.

If I'm understanding the workflow correctly, a user is now intended to download the dwf and open it with the Design Review software, instead of having the file open directly in the browser as before?

I hope I am missing something, but is that right?

The simplicity of using one program for folks looking at prints was a big selling point for us.

Any help or information you can offer would be greatly appreciated.



Is this now available with Vault Workgroup?
The help file seems to indicate so, but when I try on logging on using the Thin Client, it says "This server is not supported".


I see there is an option "keep me signed in"ю In fact it works only withi session of the browser.
Would be great if some key to use WinAuth could be pass along with servername and vaultname to minimize user input.

ted fricke

I installed the subscription add on. When I go to log in using windows authentication, it does not grab my user name and I get an internal server error? Am I missing something?

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