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November 25, 2013



"...ensure that the "Item lock cleanup" process has executed before logging a support case..."
Richard, you statement is a bit unclear. You mean just not bother tech-support earlier than after 24 hours or you mean that vault admin can execute "Item lock cleanup" process manually?
If you mean second than please share the steps. Thanks in advance...



Sorry if the statement is not clear. I don't mean either of your options.

I re-worded some of the above to basically say the same thing. Hopefully, it translates if English is not your or another readers first language.

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"If the time is reconfigured to during business hours, there is a chance that a user could begin to Assign Item on a file, "Item Lock cleanup" runs, then..."
"This is why the command is not allowed to be run "on-demand". via the ADMS Console."
"business hours" and "night" are relative things.
Vault is a server system... people from all over the world are supposed to connect to it at any time that fits them. Russia, America, China all have their own "working hours". From this poin ANY time is not sufficient for "Item lock cleanup" process starting. Still customers need to perform what thay need as sson as possible. Error 155 is very often nowadays and users are not happy with Autodesk's workaround to wait publisher's night. Take this to account please.

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