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February 26, 2014


C. vd Cage

Hi Richard,

Is there an ETA on when this issue is fixed? Or is this intended?



Hi Christian.
We did not intend this to happen, but we are not planning a fix for it either.

We were aware of this issue before releasing the Service Pack and this really is not what we would have liked.

The root cause is with the original installation media for VP2014 and its not possible to somehow replace what is installed in production systems with the current technology. After working with Microsoft on possible solutions, we were faced with a choice. We had fixes for many issues being suffered in production environments and we did not want to deny making those available to everyone any longer, just for this one roadblock issue affecting a subset of users. This roadblock issue, ultimately has a workaround, albeit a cumbersome, inconvenient and regrettable one.

I hope this helps



So does Sub Rel 1 SP1 contain the same fixes as SP2 does? In other words, is it actually SP2 for Sub Rel 1?

C. vd Cage

Hi Richard,

Just wanted to let you know we need a new, clean install for vault and everything went fine.

We choose to download SP2 when we installed Vault Professional, then proceeded to install the Vault Professional client with SP2 on te server. Then installed Subscription Release 1 (Autodesk_ATC2014_ENU_32-64bit_dlm.sfx.exe) and then installed Subscription Release 1 SP1. All is good and we received no errors during installation!

Best regards,


Hi Scott,

The answer is yes, it does and yes, it is.

But its not called SR1 SP2, because we never had a SR1 SP1 before.

Hope this helps


C. vd Cage

Hi all,

In repsonse to my last message. We had some really weird issues after testing so we've decided to roll back and re-install and update as this article describes.

I hope this saves people some time.



Thanks for sharing your experience Christian

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