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September 04, 2014



So why was this functionality removed?

Is it just gone from 2015 r2 or will we see in back in the next full release?
OR is the Autodesk's way of shoving PLM down our throat?


Hi John,

My understanding is that the functionality was removed temporarily. The deadline placed upon the development team to introduce the new functionality, meant they could not continue to support some aspects of the software in the time. My expectation is that the new functionality found in 2015 R2 will be incorporated into the next annual release and the disabled functionality will be re-enabled.

So the R2 release is more about giving subscription customers access to the latest and greatest developments half way through the traditional release cycle.

Autodesk is being very transparent here, making it loud and clear that some functionality is disabled in R2. If your business depends on that disabled functionality, don't use it. If you don't use that disabled functionality, by all means, install R2 and take advantage of the new features.

As far as I know, it has nothing to do with PLM. The Vault and PLM development teams are very competitive with each other and wouldn't normally cede any ground :-)

I hope this helps

Samuele Rebuli

I noticed that there's only the English version. Will be released also localized versions or language packs?

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