Scott Gibbs

Update View Restriction.

The Update funtion in the viewer worked fine in 2009 Vault, but since 2010 i cannot use this funtion anymore with the error.

Update View Resriction
Visualization File Cannot Be Created

Unknown Error During Publish.

Any help would be great as our responce from other sources has not been great.


Richard Rankin

Hi Scott,

Please dont think that I am trying to avoid answering your question, but these sorts of problems should be logged directly with Autodesk Support so that we can engage and document the problem correctly? If you have logged it already can you give me the Support Request Number and I will look into it for you. You should be a ble to log it through our Subscription Center or with one of our partners.

I hope you understand why we need to do it this way.

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Scott! I am very glad that you are concerned for the blog policy. I'm always worried about this because it is very important for those who lead their blogs because these people write a lot of relevant information which helps me regularly!

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This is really the great way you discuss this kind of topic. Good job.

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